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The Fox

Great job, Alyse!

He sneaks around
the trees
Crunch, Crunch!
He puts his weight
on his paws
and sniffs the air.
The wind carries
a scent.
He creeps
slowly off
into the forest.
He was slick
and used the tools
nature gave him
the way he should.
If only
we did
and did not
fill the air
with smoke
and ranked
over the forest
and it’s gifts
and life.
If only we
saw ourselves
like animals
we are.
We adapt
and hunt
and eat
and walk
and talk
and sleep
in the
or what
was forest.
We are changing
not always
in a good way
unlike him
the red fox
and his prey.

Written by: Alyse W., Fifth Grader
Posted: Jan 07, 2013 by Jodi McConkey

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