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First Grade Explores Life in the United Kingdom

The first graders at Wingate Elementary were excited to receive replies from their pen pals at Park Brow School in Liverpool, UK. They were amazed to learn that most children walk to school and that they don’t have school buses. They also enjoyed learning about some of their pen pals’ favorite foods, ‘footy’ and ‘scouse’.

As Miss Marsden’s class continues to explore life in the UK, they were surprised to find out that people in the UK don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Instead, people in the UK celebrate Guy Fawkes Night on November 5th. The night marks the anniversary of the capture of Guy Fawkes, when he was caught red-handed attempting to burn down the Houses of Parliament in 1605. King James I declared that the date should always be observed as a thanksgiving for the plot’s failure. People all over Great Britain celebrate by lighting bonfires, attending firework displays, and creating effigies of Guy Fawkes that are burned atop the bonfires!

Written by: Stephanie Marsden
Posted: Jan 08, 2013 by Carolyn McCarthy

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