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Mrs. Diggs' Class Learns about Early America

The students in Mrs. Diggs’ class have been learning about early colonization, the American Revolution, and the development of the Constitution during Social Studies in the past weeks. While studying about early colonization the students learned about the 13 original colonies, the lifestyles of the colonists, and how they were treated by England. Next, they learned about the different events that led to the American Revolutionary War. They discussed the different revolts, meetings, and other actions that took place before the war began. Next, they developed timelines by using a computer program titled Timetoast on the Dell notebooks to show some of the important events in the American Revolution. Following the discussion of the American Revolutionary War the students discussed the development of the new nation and who helped write the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and design our national government. The students wrote about the different branches of government and described each branch by placing information onto a leaf and placing it onto a tree. They have had the opportunity to view different videos through Discovery Learning and they have completed research on the first ten amendments in the Constitution. The students have been using Dell notebooks to practice using their computer skills to gather information from the internet about their topics. 


Each student was assigned one or two amendments and they had to write about the understanding of each one. After writing the meaning of the amendment each student had the opportunity to illustrate it. Once their projects were completed each student shared them with their class.

Written by: Joy Diggs, EC Teacher
Posted: Jan 09, 2013 by Carrie Johnson

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