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Cavs Kick Off Winter Break With Annual Festivities

Seniors Windsor Cox and Samantha Baker, along with sophomore Maddie Cox and senior Katie Kamin pose with the pig who visited CHS as the subject of the Kiss the Pig contest December 19, 2012.

The last afternoon before winter break was an exciting time to be at Cavalier! First, the students played the faculty in the 4th annual Student vs. Faculty Basketball Game. The undefeated teachers were down 11-1 after the first quarter. By halftime, the faculty made a comeback and the score was 15-14. The students were only up by one point. The rest of the game went back and forth. At the final buzzer the score was tied 28-28. They held a free throw contest to see which team could break the tie. 

The first shot was taken by junior Jake Atkinson. He took a good shot but it wasn't good enough. The teachers had Coach Lee take their first shot, he also missed. Students then sent Robby Whitlock to take the second shot, his was also no good. Then the last shot was taken and scored by Coach Lee which gave the teachers their victory, once again. Will the students ever be able to take down the faculty? I guess we will have to wait until next year and see.

Student players included Ryan Torzsa, Obi Collins, Terrance Barber, Steven Fusco, Justin Colvin, Jalen Young, Justin Shanahan, Even Martinez, Jake Atkinson, Andrew Dickens, Rodney Blake, Sean Hogan, Youssou Diop, Adam Johnson, Matthew Toland, Kyler Vela, Sarah Kelly, Qhorban Howard, Robby Whitlock, David Moll, Jacob Canup, Thomas Vigdor, Nick Beasley and Devin Johnson. Teacher players included Ms. Sheila Wright, Mr. Aaron Mayes, Mrs. Jessica Marchand, Mr. Paul Edwards, Ms. Stephanie Williams, Mr. Matt Carr, Mr. Robert Hodges, Mr. JP Ponikvar, Mr. Joel Allen, and Mr. Nathan Hahn.

The basketball game was not the only exciting thing that happened that day. The school also got a special performance by a group of female teachers. The following teachers were the cheerleaders for the game: Ms. Annie Cox, Ms. Amy Githmark, Ms. Kim Wren, Ms. Jodi Marsden, Ms. Dianne Matthews, Ms. Brittany DesLauriers, Ms. Monica Laux, Ms. Tina Harris, Ms. Danielle Martin, Ms. Debbie Morton, and Ms. Asia Wright. They put together a very entertaining dance and cheer routine which included stunting.

Lastly, during halftime of the game, our principal Ms. Warr had to kiss a pig! The student council held a Kiss the Pig contest as a fundraiser to raise money for school events such as prom and graduation. Whichever faculty member got the most money put into their jar would have to be the one to kiss the pig. The cute pig was brought in by sophomore Maddie Cox and senior Windsor Cox. Teachers that were in the competition to kiss the pig were Mrs. Lisa Helms, Ms. Leah Ross, Principal Kim Warr, Mr. Nathan Hahn, Assistant Principal Lynette McCoy, and Mr. Matt Carr. Ms. Warr was the winner and did not back down to giving the pig a nice big kiss! The whole afternoon was a fun way to kick off the winter break.

Written by: CHS senior Blair Meyer
Posted: Jan 10, 2013 by Paula White

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