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A Modern Twist on Shakespeare's Othello

Mrs. Sammons' Third Period Honors English II Class

After reading the play Othello by William Shakespeare with her students, Mrs. Sammons decided to complete a unique project with her third period honors English II class. The Sun Valley High School students divided into groups, each with a certain job for the production. Collaborating with the school’s film II class taught by Mr. Vivian, the students filmed a movie trailer for the popular play, including a few twists.

They began the project by appointing two co-directors, along with heads for the script, costumes, props, music, actors, and a secretary to count the minutes used for each task. Next, the class chose the setting and time period of the trailer, choosing to go with a WWII theme in Hawaii. The students quickly got to work on their jobs, and the directors held auditions for the acting roles. In the blink of an eye, Sun Valley High School became a movie set.

All the students enjoyed working on the movie trailer, agreeing it was a fun and thought provoking project. Sophomore Michael Garret was quick to share his impression of the work, saying, “The collaboration and management skills we learned through the course of this project, not only apply to English but to all aspects of life.” Along with advancing their work ethic, the students also learned about working with others. “Working with my classmates to create the movie trailer was an enjoyable experience that gave us a chance to learn about our skills with leadership and group cooperation,” said tenth grader Jesse Nikonowicz. Now that the movie trailer is complete, the students are proud of their work and are excited for future educational experiences. 

Written by: Kyrsten Rudock and Jesse Nikonowicz, Mrs. Sammons’ third block
Posted: Jan 11, 2013 by Carrie Mabry

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