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Performing Arts Accolades

 Marvin Ridge Band students earn top honors in the district!  Twenty Marvin Ridge Band students were selected for South Central All-District Band.  Marvin Ridge had the highest number of students selected for this prestigious honor.  From flute to tenor sax to tuba, Marvin Ridge is earned prestigious honors. Band students work diligently to prepare for auditions for these honors both in school and out of school.  The MRHS Staff congratulate these students and we know that the entire student body and community are so proud of their achievements. 

Marvin Ridge Theatre students auditioned for the upcoming Spring Musical, Once Upon a Mattress.  Congratulations to students selected for a role in the play and to those that will be working behind the scenes for what should be a hilarious musical.  Mr. Winston Sims, Marvin Ridge Director, has begun rehearsals for the actors and will work on set design during the second semester.  Once Upon a Mattress has wonderful songs, a storyline of royal courtship, and general shenanigans.  If you thought you had heard the story of “The Princess and the Pea” you will definitely want to see this production so that you know what really happened.   For more information and to purchase tickets please visit the Theatre page by clicking on Academics on the MRHS homepage and then Theatre Arts. 

All District Band Students:


Alana Martin – Flute

Martina Wood – Flute

Jacqueline Verrico - Flute

Michael Fourre - Bassoon

Jordan Laird – Clarinet

Mariel Emery _ Clarinet

Melissa Fu - Clarinet

Bradley Urso – Bass Clarinet

Delaney Dewey – Bass Clarinet

Aaron Hougui – Bass Clarinet

Rhiannon Dewey –Tenor Sax

Rachael Whitman – Baritone Sax

Blake Targonski – Trumpet

Nicole Lenart – Trumpet

Ross Wilhite – French Horn

Walter Bonar – French Horn

Melisa Hagstedt – Trombone

Adrienne Bonar – Trombone

Alyson Graham – Baritone

Matthew Warner- Tuba


Once Upon a Mattress Students:


Minstrel - John Pope

Princess # 12/Nightingale of Smarkand/Emily (maid) - Lauren Kelley

Wizard - Drayton Lewis

Lady Larken - Lex Lombardo

Queen Aggravain - Madison Davis

Prince Dauntless - Matt Roper

King Sextimus the Silent - Jeremy Appel

Jester - Ryan Wentz

Sir Harry - Calvin Shanahan

Princess Winnifred the Woebegone - Jordan Yakowenko

Prince Dancer*/Sir Harold - Emil Houlind

Princess Dancer*/Lady Beatrice - Kasey Stewart

Queen Dancer*/Wench - Lexi Reynolds

Knights: Sir Studley - Jay Titus, Sir Russell - Russell Lombardo, Sir Luce - Matt Fisenne, Sir Michael - Christian Hodges, Sir Humphrey - Jake Peterson

Ladies: Lady Sarah - Jordan Hodges, Lady Rowena - Cameran Bellamy, Lady Lucille - Kathryn Lavalle, Lady Merrill - Ariana Martinez, Lady Helena - Ellen Bailey, Lady Mabelle - Morgan Morris

Ensemble - Jordan Lewis, Delaney Dewey, Maddie Cutrone (Wench#1), Alicia Nam, Sofia Mouritsen (Lady #3), Lindsay Hutchins (2nd Wench), Ava Liccione (Lady #2), Kieran Mouritsen, Trevor May

Written by: Fisenne
Posted: Jan 15, 2013 by Beth Hamilton

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