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4th Graders Attack Long Division

Bella Dolan and Madison Strickland using playing cards to create their long division problem and then solve on whiteboards.
While the weather outside maybe frightful, fourth grade is so delightful! They have been working hard to conquer long division. From the use of quirky acronyms like, "Does McDonalds Sell Burgers?" to "Daddy, Mommy, Sister, Brother" these fourth graders have their division down. After learning the steps for long division (divide, multiply, subtract, bring down) students experimented with some non-conventional ways to practice. From racing on the Promethean board, drawing playing cards, or rolling dice to create their problems. The fourth graders have truly tackled long division.

Written by: Nicole Little, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Jan 15, 2013 by Marni Menkin

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