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Second Grade is Going Global!

Students from Ms. Easterling's class are visiting Ms. Ryan's class in Costa Rica and tasting rice and beans with a special yummy sauce!

 During the month of December, the 2nd graders embarked on a world journey studying the countries of Japan, South Africa, Denmark, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. Each second grade class served as the "host nation" and welcomed the remaining classes to visit their nation. In preparation for this journey, the students were responsible for studying and becoming experts of their country's cultural traditions, celebrations, native foods, leisure activities, and national currency. They then had to work collaboratively in teams and teach the other second graders about their research.

Just a few of these collaborative teams consisted of: teaching the other students how to play games from South Africa, having students taste rice and beans from Costa Rica, teaching the language people speak in Nicaragua, having students taste Danish cookies from Denmark, and even performing in a play where the setting took place in Japan.

In order to fly to their country, the students had to be prepared by bringing their passport, where they jotted down facts that "wow"ed them. The students also viewed a brief video of an airplane taking off and landing to get a feel of traveling across the world.

"Hats off" to our second graders who did an incredible job at getting a "feel" of what a student ambassador of the world is like!

Some student quotes include: This sauce on the rice and beans sure is yummy! (From Ms. Easterling's class) Konnichiwa means Hello in Japanese? Cool! (Ms. Shannon's class) I didn't know that people from Nicargua and Costa Rica speak Spanish! (from Ms. Ryan's class)

Written by: Rachel Easterling
Posted: Jan 15, 2013 by Angela Gaio

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