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Waxhaw Wolves Take Part in Breaking World Cupstacking Record

Cups were flying on Thursday, November 14 as our own Waxhaw Wolves took part in breaking a world record! Students across the globe were trying to break the record for “Most People Sport Stacking at Multiple Locations in One Day.” 483,658 stackers from 30 different countries around the world worked together to accomplish this goal, beating last year’s record by more than 70, 000 stackers. 312 of our own Waxhaw Wolves were involved in making it happen! Students raced to the Gym, Fitness Lab and Computer Lab to upstack and downstack at lightning speeds combined with a variety of fitness activities.

A significant number of schools and organizations around the world also took the opportunity to stack for a good cause such as stocking up food pantries or collect donations to help those in need, including those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Some organizations even invited senior citizens and members of the armed forces to stack with them! Our own Wolves collected food donations to help feed the hungry in our community. Jill Fox of the WSSA (World Sport Stacking Association) says, “It’s gratifying to know that sport stacking can make a positive difference!”

This was Waxhaw’s seventh year participating in breaking the world record and our Wolves are very excited about it! Madison Date from Mrs. Wearmouth’s class says, “I think it’s really fun to stack. It’s fun to fix fumbles too! I think it’s cool that we beat a world record.”

So congratulations Waxhaw on a job well done. Your efforts helped feed the hungry, worked as a Global ‘team’ to make this happen, and all while having fun doing it!

Written by: Cindy Earley
Posted: Jan 16, 2013 by Dana Sullivan

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