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Fifth Graders Create Snow Flakes for Sandy Hook Elementary

Mrs. Avant's fifth grade class displays their snowflakes they made for Sandy Hook Elementary.

Kristen Avant’s 5th grade class at Waxhaw Elementary school in Waxhaw, North Carolina, made paper snowflakes for kids attending Sandy Hook Elementary school, after the tragedy that happened before Christmas break.

The students and staff will now go to a vacant building in another town to attend school. Mrs. Avant’s class was informed that their new school building was very bare and boring, so the class made snowflakes to help brighten up the school!But a miracle happened, the school had already gotten hundreds of snowflakes by the time Mrs. Avant’s class was ready to send theirs in! So instead, they hung them up on the wall and took pictures!

Sandy Hook has created a digital photo album for those who still wanted to contribute snowflakes. The photo album is for the students and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Mrs. Avant’s class was very happy to help with what everyone calls the snowflake project!

Written by: Trenton Blume, Fifth Grade Student
Posted: Jan 18, 2013 by Dana Sullivan

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