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Ancient influences on our modern world

Students in 6th grade dress like Grecians in togas.

Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations have been instrumental in the development of our modern culture. This influence is seen today in our architecture, language and government. Sixth grade students study the ancient cultures as part of their Social Studies curriculum and learn how these classical origins have influenced our modern world.

“One of the targets for this unit is for students to describe how Greek and Roman ideas were transmitted across Western Europe and find examples of how they have survived in our present culture,” said Mr. James Crowder. 

Students in Mr. James Crowder’s 6th grade social Studies classes used art to portray their understanding of these ancient civilizations by creating a Greek vase, dressing in Greek or Roman garb or designing a shield representative of the time period and culture. Students presented their finding to the class in an oral report while displaying their artwork. Religion, mythology, the Olympic Games and art are some of the subjects that students researched and discussed in their presentations.

Students Adriana Jordan and Abby Mueller both said that they enjoyed this project.  "We were able to use the information we already learned in a defferent way so we could learn more about the culture almost as if we were really there," they said.

“We are now moving into a unit on ancient Asian culture and students are always surprised to learn how one culture influences another,” explained James Crowder.

The Travels of Marco Polo, a book describing Marco Polo’s travels throughout Asia was popular in the 14th century and believed to be an inspiration to Christopher Columbus. After reading about the riches of the East in Polo’s book, Columbus decided to attempt to reach Asia via a westward route which, of course, led to his discovery of the Americas.

Written by: Brita Mann
Posted: Jan 18, 2013 by Brita Mann

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