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Our Principal is Getting Silly Stringed?

Our Character Band-Aid drive for KatiesKidz.

This was the question that was being asked here at Antioch Elementary! Our principal, Mrs. Karen Dillon, was getting silly stringed by over 800 students! What was the reason? Well, it all has to do with a little girl named Katie who is trying to help children of the world! KatiesKidz is an organization that was started three years ago by a nine-year-old girl named Katie. Katie saw a teddy bear in a store and an idea evolved that she could help sick children in area hospitals by giving them toys. Every year she has collected new toys and delivered them around the Christmas holiday. Every year the amount of toys have grown! This year, she collected over $15,000 worth of toys that the patients in hospitals can use! She has expanded her list to eight hospitals this year. "It is such a blessing that more and more people are getting involved in KatiesKidz! I want young people to know that you can make a difference at any age!" Katie said. The students at Antioch Elementary followed her advice and helped out this year.

Their job was to bring in a box of character band-aids, and they would get the opportunity to silly string their principal!  "I went to Katie's website and saw her story, and I knew that we should help her," Karen Dillon replied.  The character band-aid drive is also a mission of KatiesKidz.  She wants kids to get that "special" band-aid after they have been "poked".  "Anytime you look down and see one of your favorite characters on a band-aid for a kid that means a lot," Katie answered.  The Antioch Gators collected close to 1,000 band-aids!  It as a fund and exciting day for everyone!  On packing day, some of the students were able to help pack the band-aids, the toys, and even bathroom supply bags for parents who don't have time to pack anything.  Katie has a special mission that is growing every year!  Thank goodness she saw that teddy bear that day!  If you would like to help KatiesKidz, please go to KatiesKidz.org.

Written by: Renee Rogers, 4th Grade teacher
Posted: Jan 22, 2013 by Kathy Gwinn

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