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UCPS Technology Services spotlight various technology lessons

New Salem fourth graders research the Algonquian Indians, studying their culture and everyday life of these early settlers of North Carolina. Pictured, from left, are Whitley Long, Emma Lindsay and Weston Laney. (Below) New Salem fourth grader Hunter Eudy works on his project about the Algonquian Indians.

Each month Technology Services features lessons that teachers are implementing in their classrooms. Lessons are featured at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

At New Salem Elementary School, Kimberly Kovach’s 4th grade students investigated the Algonquian Indians and their Way of Life Before European Exploration and Settlement.

Each student summarized one aspect of life among the early American Indians in North Carolina and created a slide using Google Presentations. The slides were shared as a jigsaw activity as they studied the culture and everyday life of the earliest settlers of North Carolina.

Barbara Pratt, a teacher at Parkwood Middle School, instructed her students to conduct research on a global city of their choice. This lesson challenged students to organize and present their acquired information using SMART Notebook.

The end products resulted in “virtual tours” of their chosen cities complete with pictures, facts and proper citations.

Tiphany Speck, a Civics and Economics teacher, conducted a collaborative lesson with her students and Media Coordinator Donna Helms at Piedmont High School. Students learned the roles and responsibilities of the Executive and Legislative Branches of government.

As a final product for the unit, the students were asked to create a digital book, geared towards an elementary audience, showcasing their understanding of the material.

Follett Shelf was used to showcase examples of digital books and then the Piedmont students created their own books using Mixbook.com.

Upon completion of their individual book, they were asked to post their work within a Moodle forum. The forum allowed their classmates to review other submissions and provide feedback.

Written by: UCPS Instructional Technology Facilitators Becky Swiger and Joey Barker
Posted: Jan 24, 2013 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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