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Mail to the Chief

Have you ever written to the President?

Mrs. Tuttle explained that she had heard many compliments about how neat the handwriting was from her students, so she wanted to give them the chance to show off their best handwriting to the President of the United States.  The class took a couple of days to work on it.  She then mailed the letters to Mr. Obama.

Each letter began:
Dear Mr. Obama,
I think you should…

They decided on this heading in order to be polite and to help it fit on the line since the students were copying it from the board.  Mrs. Tuttle sent a note home asking parents to discuss this with their child so that when they finished the letter the next day they would know what they wanted to say.  Since their main goal was handwriting, the next day Mrs. Tuttle wrote on a sticky note what the child said so that they could copy it neatly to finish the letter.  Then they had to sign the letter "Your Friend," and write their first name.

Here are the answers that five and six year olds gave:

I think you should…

  • Come see me at my house.
  • Say prayers so you will do the right things.
  • Eat red and green apples.
  • Find and get more money for the homeless children that don’t have a home or food.
  • Make ice cream and lollipops and sell them for money.
  • Give presents to different people.
  • Be loyal and honest and donate to charity.
  • Find some money on the floor and give it to a person.
  • Give poor people money to buy a car to go to work.
  • Look for money in the grass.
  • Do a lot of homework.
  • Do a little homework.
  • Find money and gold.
  • Find more teachers.
  • Drive a truck.
  • Come to my school.

They tried to keep it short and to the point.  The work is beautiful and something for the students to be proud of!

Written by: Michelle Tuttle, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Jan 28, 2013 by Jodi McConkey

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