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Walter Bickett Ed Center Teacher Assistant is District 6 winner

Barbara Shinault, a teacher assistant at Walter Bickett Education Center, (second from left) discusses some lessons with her principal, Fo Roldan and the teacher with whom she works on a daily basis, Vickie Hoin. (Below) Sinault is pictured with, from left, Sandy Borders, President of NCATA District 6; Carolyn Barringer, NCATA Cleveland County President; and Sally Norris, NCATA Union County President.

When her principal called an emergency staff meeting Thursday (Jan. 24, 2013), Barbara Shinault, a teacher assistant at Walter Bickett Education Center, brought her notepad and pen, ready to take notes at what was apparently going to be an important meeting.

When she saw her husband, Curtis, UCPS Superintendent Dr. Mary Ellis and the teacher assistant district representatives waiting to greet her, however, she put her pen and paper down. “I thought it was a safety meeting,” she said. “Then when I saw everyone, I got pretty excited. I thought, ‘I must have won!’ ”

Shinault was chosen by the Union County chapter of the North Carolina Association of Teacher Assistants (UCNCATA) as the Union County Teacher Assistant of the Year this past May of 2012 during the 20th annual Teacher Assistant of the Year banquet. She will now also represent the sixth district as the District 6 Teacher Assistant of the Year.

Walter Bickett Education Center Principal Fo Roldan said he wasn’t surprised that she had gone on to win the district title. “She is very deserving of the title,” he said. “I think her strongest attribute is her love for the kids. She’s wonderful with the children.”

Roldan said he is also proud for the school. “It’s a big honor when you consider the size of our school, having only about 200 students. And there are a lot of very deserving teacher assistants out there. She is a very good representative for District 6 and has a very good shot at winning the state.”

Shinault is the teacher assistant for Vickie Hoin in a Pre-K class for special needs children. “We’re so excited for Mrs. Shinault,” Hoin said. “She is truly dedicated. She facilitates new ideas for all the children of our school in regards to routine and instruction.”

This is the fifth year in almost as many years that a teacher assistant in Union County Public Schools has taken the District 6 Teacher Assistant of the Year title.

The first was Dawn McCort, a teacher assistant at Hemby Bridge Elementary; then Bea Householder, a teacher assistant at Sardis Elementary; Sally Norris, a teacher assistant at Marvin Elementary; and Leigh Berry, a teacher assistant at Weddington Elementary.

Shinault will now compete on Feb. 23, 2013, for the state title.

Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator
Posted: Jan 28, 2013 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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