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Miss Moody's class celebrates Australia Day.

Miss Moody's 3rd Grade Class celebrated Australia Day last week. Australia Day is the equivalent to 4th of July Celebrations for Americans. Students had the wonderful experience of celebrating in true Aussie fashion by having their faces painted, either with Australian Flags or with traditional Aboriginal body painting symbolising different tribes and geographical land features in Australia. Students participated in Australian musical games and had an indoor picnic for lunch. 3rd Graders got to try Australian Milo biscuits and also make their own party "fairy bread" creations - a popular children's snack in Australia. Children in Miss Moody's class learned about Aboriginal dot paintings and the history behind the painting, and then created their own Aboriginal Art to put on display for the school. The students were able to watch a video of Australia Day celebrations - a wonderful mix of swimming, surfing, barbeques, cricket, picnics and taking the boat out on the harbour to watch the fireworks. Students in Miss Moody's class also have been in regular contact with their Aussie Pen Pals from Miss Moody's hometown of Adelaide and are enjoying making new friends across the globe! Happy Australia Day from 3rd Grade! 


Written by: Christi-ann Moody
Posted: Jan 29, 2013 by Karen Carter

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