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Telling what we know

 The 4th Graders have been very busy showing all they know about something that is important to them. Each student chose a topic that they were very familiar with and have been writing non-fiction books on that topic. The students began by brainstorming topics they felt they were experts on. Next they selected a topic and began brainstorming what they thought a person who knew nothing about their topic would need to learn. Finally, after many weeks of drafting, revising, and editing in the classroom, the students then took their hard work one step farther. Mrs. Jennifer Williams, media coordinator, developed a book template for the students to use on the computer. When the students were finished, they had a published book with pictures, diagrams, author pages, glossaries, table of contents, and much more that they could share with their classmates.




Written by: Lisa Stephens, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Jan 30, 2013 by Jennifer Williams

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