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How to Write a "How To Book"

The first graders in Mrs. Lynch's and Mrs. Belk's class have done an outstanding job writing "How-To" books. Students began by first thinking of all the things they know how to do. Using their "Tiny Topics" journal, they jotted down three ideas that they felt confident teaching to someone. Then each of the children decided which one would be just right. Turning and talking was a strategy used to share the ingredients or materials that would be needed.

Next, the students wrote the three or four steps necessary to teach the activity. They then wrote an "Introduction" telling why they had chosen a particular subject. After that, The "Table of Contents" was written using the information from the "Steps" they had completed. The body of the book was written across four pages followed by an "Ending" . The time came to put all of the information together.

Making the book cover was the highlight of the entire project. The creative juices flowed as the children decorated the covers using their own ideas! Finally, the pages were stapled into the book cover.

Wow...Come by by our classroom and look in the hallway at the finished products. Don't be surprised when you learn "How-To" make pumpkin bread, roller skate, feed a cat, or make a milkshake. You will be positively amazed by what you may learn how to do!

Written by: Carrie Johnson
Posted: Feb 01, 2013 by Carrie Johnson

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