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Learning about Founding Fathers

Back row (left to right):Bailey Adcock, Daniel Huneycutt, Jatziry Rivera-Reza; Middle row (left to right): Lauren Chivers, Madison Reynolds, Leah Guinto, Salvador Diaz-Garcia; Front row (left to right): Garson Whitley, Billy Ferraro, Kaitlyn Perkel.

In Kim Peck’s Fifth-grade Social Studies class students are learning about how the Founding Fathers' contributed to the development our country; how other key individuals exemplify the values and principles of our country; and how the role of women and minorities have changed.

Peck said, “What better way to do that then to hear from the Founding Fathers themselves.” After researching their person, the final part of the project was for students to become the person like Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Boone, Susan B. Anthony, or Phillis Wheatley, and share about their lives and what they did to make an impact on the United States. Peck said, “They could have read about them in a history book, but becoming them and sharing themselves with the class made them much more real to the students.”

“I learned a lot of history that I would not have learned if we didn’t do this project,” said Lily Lucarelli, one of the students. Another student, Ronny Ponce said, “I learned how George Washington became so special and his life story. I learned how he changed our lives.”

Written by: Kim Peck, Fifth-grade Teacher and Beth Medlin, Media Coordinator.
Posted: Feb 01, 2013 by Beth Medlin

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