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Ms. Buchanan’s Class Learns All About Penguins

Great job, Ms. Buchanan's class!

During the month of January, Ms. Buchanan's class studied and learned all about penguins through non-fiction reading and writing units.  As a class they studied penguins through fiction and non-fiction books, Time For Kids, and online resources such as National Geographic and Discovery Education. 

To wrap up their unit about non-fiction and their study of penguins, each child got to create a written research paper telling everything that they had learned about penguins.  They started the project by pulling together all of their resources (books, articles, web materials, etc.).  They had book clubs and literature circles to discuss what they were learning and all of the interesting facts they were encountering.  Following their discussions, students used a graphic organizer and chart to organize their thoughts and brainstorm their writing.  After all of their hard work and preparation, students were able to write an ENTIRE page all about penguins!

Here are some examples:

by Lindsey P.
Penguins live in the South Pole, in a place called Antarctica.  It is very cold in Antarctica.  Penguins have to keep their eggs warm.  The daddy penguin keeps the egg warm inside his feathers.  The Emperor penguin is the biggest penguin and is about four feet tall.  Penguins eat fish, shrimp, and squid.  Penguins dive into the sear to catch their food.  I’ve learned a lot about penguins.

by Annystin F.
Penguins live in Antarctica.  Penguins eat squid and fish.  Penguins can swim fast and turn their heads really fast to catch their food.  They can swim deep in the water.  The Chinstrap penguin is about two feet tall.

by Megan J.
The Emperor penguin lives in Antarctica.  The daddy penguin keeps the egg warm.  When the baby penguin is hungry, the mommy penguin throws up in the baby penguin’s mouth.  That’s how baby penguins eat. Penguins have something called blubber to keep them warm.

Written by: Jessica Buchanan, First Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 02, 2013 by Jodi McConkey

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