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Second Grade Goes A + with Geometry Standards

Second grade students learn about quadrilaterals! Utilizing the common core standards (2.G.1, 2.G.2), students have been drawing, constructing, describing and representing shapes. Specifically, students have been focusing on rectangles. Second grade took the standard, “recognizing and drawing shapes with specific attributes” a step further and incorporated the fine arts.

Second graders studied the works of Asbjorn Lonvig, who critics compare to Mondrian, Miro, and Warhol. Based off of his artwork, second grade students created city skylines. Students had to draw and cut out rectangles of different sizes and glue them in a way that resembled a skyline. Additionally, the concept of right angles was incorporated by asking students to make windows on the building using their rulers.

Written by: Ms. Jenna Slowiaczek, BHESA Second Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 04, 2013 by Beth Lanzy

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