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Cavs Become Forensic Detectives

Conner Suchonic, Erika Miller, Jacob Skrutowski, Jurnee Case, Austin Pierce, and Kyle Hoffman, all seniors, analyze a staged crime scene as part of their Forensic Science class.

“I feel like I’m on CSI!” said senior Jurnee Case, as she helped her lab partners analyze a crime scene in Ms. Maya Schultz’s Forensic Science class. The “crime scene” was staged in a school conference room and included a body that was presumably a murder victim, a spilled purse, an overturned chair, a laptop computer with a list of student grades nearby, a partly eaten snack, a soda can with lipstick stains, and bullet casings. Students were divided into small groups to enter the crime scene, take notes and measurements, and then work together on solving the crime.

“Students learn how to look for evidence, how to sketch a crime scene, how to package and collect evidence, and how to interpret the evidence to determine the events leading up to the crime,” said Ms. Schultz. The objective of the activity was for students to use correct forensic techniques to draw rough and final sketches of a crime scene, report the findings, and determine a motive.

“It’s so realistic I almost feel like I’m there at a real crime scene!” said senior Austin Pierce.

“I like how in-depth it is, it’s like we’re really in the scene,” said senior Erika Miller.

So, if you are wondering “whodunit?” check with one of the Forensic Science students in a couple of days!

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Feb 04, 2013 by Paula White

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