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Tonya Adams named UCEC's 2013 Teacher of the Year

Ms. Adams instructs students during her club.

Union County Early College proudly announces that Ms. Tonya Adams, Honors Biology and Honors Chemistry teacher, has been selected as the school’s 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year. Ms. Adams was voted the honor by her fellow teachers.

Ms. Adams has taught for Union County Public Schools since 1991 and transferred to Union County Early College in 2008. Ms. Adams is a National Board Certified teacher. She earned her B.S. in Science Education from North Carolina State University. Her area of specialization is Biology. During her first year of teaching, she was awarded the Sallie Mae First Class Teacher Award which recognizes outstanding first-year elementary and secondary educators.

When asked about her teaching philosophy, Ms. Adams said, “To me, being a successful teacher means helping students reach and extend beyond what they thought they were capable of and reach a little further. Teachers are presented with a unique opportunity to positively impact young people with our own lives and message. My greatest contributions and accomplishments in the classroom are not the framed diplomas hanging on the wall or the certificates I have neatly packed away. They lie in the students I have reached.”

One of Ms. Adams favorite quotes is, “If I can see it, write it, hear it, try it, I can own that knowledge.” She believes that learning should be powerful, fun, exciting and challenging. She actively engages her students in numerous hands-on activities. You can often hear and smell her science experiments throughout the hallways. Her students’ work frequently line the halls, giving the rest of the school a small peak of what is going on inside her classroom.

Ms. Adams teaching beliefs are heartfelt. She believes that teachers do more than teach their subject area. They should be positive role models that students can look up to, someone that can show the next generation how to be good citizens. She stated that, “long after students have left my classroom, it is my hope that I have made a positive impact on them and society – through my life, being a positive message.”


Written by: Sylvia Roldan
Posted: Feb 04, 2013 by Sylvia Roldan

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