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Third Grade Goes Global with GoogleDocs

Katie(left)and Carolina(right) working hard and using technology to study Brazil.

While studying the country of Brazil, third graders have studied the Amazon Rainforest, the people, and cultures of Brazil. One recent project has been integrating reading, writing, and technology with our study of Brazil. Groups were given parts of a Brazilian book to read and determine the main idea of the section. Using a preset template in Google Docs, each group entered the main idea of their section. Once all of the main ideas were completed, groups rotated around the room and entered comments on their peers work. The comments ranged from other ideas for a main idea for that section to complimenting on great work. Students learned to analyze and evaluate each other’s work. The lesson also reinforced finding the main idea in reading, composing a presentation in writing using technology, and international study in social studies.

Written by: Neil Hawkins, Principal
Posted: Feb 05, 2013 by Gina James

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