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Hemby Bridge AIG Students Ring in 2013 in a New Way

When Mrs. Ziskind’s fourth and fifth grade AIG students at Hemby Bridge Elementary returned from winter break, they did not write about what they resolve to do in 2013. Instead, Mrs. Ziskind asked each student to commit to one word. That one word would become the student’s theme for 2013. Just as students have learned to identify the theme in a book as an idea that recurs throughout the story, they were to choose a word to represent an idea that they would bring into their lives throughout the coming year.

When presented with a list of possible themes from which to choose, the students’ reactions varied. A few noticed a certain word within seconds and knew it was the one. Some agonized between a few very different words, begging to choose two or three. Still others did not use the list at all but chose their own theme word. After choosing a word, each student created a mini-poster to be displayed in the classroom. Each week, students reflect and write about the ways they have chosen to live by that theme. Some of the themes chosen by students include Creativity, Confidence, Patience, Expansion, Love, Joy, Discipline, Focus, Spirit, and Yes. 


Written by: Betsy Ziskind, AIG Teacher at Hemby Bridge Elementary School
Posted: Feb 05, 2013 by Cathy NeSmith

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