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Ms. Briggs’ Class Explores Creative Movement

Ms Briggs’ kids learning the twist!

In Ms. Briggs' EC prek class, children are the inspiration for the theme as they love to dance and they are constantly on the move.  Throughout the classroom activities the children are discovering the different ways their bodies move, and also learning about the various forms of dance.  Some of the activities the kids engaged in include:

  • singing and moving to music.
  • dancing in the dance studio that is set up in the dramatic play area.
  • watching other people move.
  • participating in yoga.

Through participating in the experiences provided by this theme, the children learn:

1. Creative movement accessories,
2. Creative movement sound sources,
3. Body movements used in creative movement,
4. Expression of feeling through creative movement, and
5. Types of dancers and dances.

The children also become familiar with the theme vocabulary: ballet, dance, movement, and music.

Written by: Jordann Briggs, EC PreK Teacher
Posted: Feb 05, 2013 by Jodi McConkey

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