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Global Awareness Class Connects With Denmark

Margaret Brown, senior, shares her experiences from Mr. Hahn's Global Awareness class.

Mr. Nathan Hahn’s Global Awareness class was an-eye opening experience in my high school career. Going into the class I expected to memorize maps, listen to some power point lectures, and maybe learn some facts about other cultures. Mr. Hahn showed our class that to be truly globally aware, memorizing the exact crops that Bangladesh produces doesn’t really matter, but more the fact that Bangladesh is suffering terrible infrastructure problems that we as a huge power of the world could easily solve. In other words, in the perspective our class was taught, it was not to memorize some facts that you will forget within a week, but to actually learn about the world in a closer and more useful way. One of the big projects we focused on was our unit on Denmark.

Denmark would normally be a small insignificant country overlooked in a class like this, but not so for us. As a UCPS International School, we used our connection to our sister school in Aarhus, Denmark to learn about Denmark up close. We posted to a blog every week along with the Danish students from Aarhus, discussing the stereotypes of each country. I saw as an American that we grow up thinking that the United States of America is the best place in the world. While it is a great country, we expanded our minds and opened up to other ways of running a country.

As a class we researched the Danish government system then set it next to the American system that we all know and compared the two. The final project of the unit was a video project where each class, ours and the Danish students’, made videos to show what we each thought makes our own country what it is today: what aspects make Denmark, Denmark; and what aspects make America, America.

At the end of the semester we sent all our videos to Denmark and they sent theirs to us. We saw that while some of the stereotypes we held of most European countries were true, other parts surprised us. Likewise, some of our videos confirmed the ideas Danish students had about America, while others gave a new perspective to them as well. In the end we saw that there really is no good or bad way of running a country, but just different opinions and perspectives all around the world.

Written by: Margaret Brown, CHS senior
Posted: Feb 06, 2013 by Paula White

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