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Super Bowl at Sandy Ridge

Mrs. Fleming's fourth graders were excited about Super Bowl XLVII. As soon as the teams were narrowed down, the class created posters for the doors with their signatures on their teams poster and then the competition was on. Superbowl week for their class has been filled with Raven's versus 49ERs activities. Students were able to use an NFL website to see how many days, hours, minutes and seconds until kickoff. They were able to research all the teams and past super bowls by viewing websites. In addition, as part of their expository writing unit, the class was asked to find three new facts about the Ravens and three new facts about the 49ers that they did not already know. The students were so into this activity, that many of them needed more paper and more time. For math, students learned about Roman numerals and where they originated. Students were able to record and write Roman numerals. They had a fun smart board activity that quizzed them on several numbers and the class had to decide what the numerals were. They can now name what each super bowl roman numeral stands for. The class wrapped it up with a super bowl party with Raven's and 49ers cookie cakes and tons of special treats (made possible by the wonderful parents). The students were given an optional homework sheet to help them keep track of the plays during the game. Lastly, the winning team earned homework passes! Good memories and learning at the same time! Great job Fourth Graders!

Written by: Sheila Fleming
Posted: Feb 06, 2013 by Jeff Aten

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