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Zombie Math

 Mr. Belcourt's 5th grade math class is playing Zombies to help with multiplying decimal numbers. The first student who comes to him with all of the questions done correctly becomes the first zombie. Then as other students finish, the zombie checks their work. If they got it correct, they also become zombies. It goes until everyone is a zombie. Caden Tart encourages Ethan Lee to get it right and join the ranks of the undead  so the process can start all over again. Other zombies in the picture include Andrew Strickland, Joshua Offenheiser, Ishan Dalsania, Luc Denner and Colby Parks.  What a fun way to learn math.

Written by: Richard Belcourt, 5th Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 08, 2013 by Marni Menkin

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