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National Art Honor Society Inducts New Members

The process for joining the National Art Honor Society, Scrubbing, began in October and ended in January. More than sixty students signed up to start Scrubbing, but only thirty-six of them persevered.

Students are required to be in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade, maintain a ninety average in art classes, and show an interest in the arts. The first phase of scrubbing involves a series of interviews and creativity tests with all of the current club members. They were later tested on the information from these interviews. The students had to collaborate on several group activities including the production of a video that everyone was required to appear in. In December, they had to prepare and host a dinner for all of the current members.

The last phase, SFK week, was the second week of January. SFK week includes no talking day, Van Gogh day, walk backwards day, bigger buddy day, and wear white day. Students participate in SFK week to understand how others may cope with disabilities. Marta Lopez, a junior, said, “A lot of people have disabilities to deal with every day of their lives. It was an enlightening experience, and I learned not to take what I have for granted.”

NAHS organizes and participates in many community events during the Spring. The amount of community service that the club participates in is what draws most students to the club. Very Special Arts is an event that exposes special needs children to the arts. Students do crafts and play games with the children. This year, VSA is on May 20th. The club also organizes the Sharing Our HeARTS Art Show. The show exhibits special needs children’s art at the Monroe Mall. Ribbons and certificates are awarded to the winners. More than 175 children participated in the art show last year. Other projects include the Cystic Fibrosis Walk, Valentines Party at Carrington Place, and Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign.

Students who were inducted into the National Art Honor Society on Thursday, January 31st: Hayden Baucom, Ashton Braswell, Mrs. Angie Medlin, Lauren Byrne, Katelynn Cook, Shelby Dorton, Brooklyn Eshenbaugh, Lee Gregg, Katy Griffin, Maddie Haines, Felicia Hill, Beth Hinchliffe, Deja Kissiah, Kaila LaPrade, Miranda Leazer, Cali Lincomfelt, Marta Lopez, Jo’Rill Moore, Alli Moysakis , Jennifer Mullis, Rebekah Oxendine, Brandon Payne, Krista Philemon, Lauren Price, Jenna Purser, Mackenzie Ray, Cierra Renfroe, Tristen Rising, Taylor Rollins, Miranda Seegars, Emma Sokoloski, Maddison Sossamon, Addison Thomas, Cortney Thomas, Maddi Tibbetts, and Anna Wylie

Written by: Clare Couch, NAHS Member
Posted: Feb 08, 2013 by Donna Helms

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