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The Wonders of Science!

In Science, first graders are currently working on the unit, Balance and Motion. Students have discussed, observed, experimented, and recorded their findings using a variety of books, online interactive activities, videos from Discovery Education, and their Science journals. Students have learned that motion is when an object moves and a force (a push or pull) creates this movement. An experiment we did to show an example of force was using air to move an object. Students enjoyed blowing air through a straw in an attempt to move a small plastic car along their desk! They adjusted their force of air and observed how these changes in force caused changes in their car’s movement.

One of the most exciting experiments for them was exploring with magnets. Students discovered magnets are attracted to iron and steel objects and can move objects even through thin plastic or paper. Our experiment entitled “Hungry Hounds” required students to observe the force of a magnet under their game board (made of paper) where their hound was trying to travel to find his bone! (Their hounds had a paperclip attached to their bottom)! Students navigated their hound through the path and were amazed to discover how the magnet’s force made their dog move across their paper.



Written by: Christie Hinson, 1st Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 08, 2013 by Jennifer Williams

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