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The World in our Background

Riley and Maysen loved the presentation!

On January 23, 2013 the people from “The World in our Background” came to visit all of us second graders to teach us about the country of China.  We learned a lot during this in-house field trip.

We learned in China people use chopsticks to eat with instead of forks and spoons.  Most of us have never used chopsticks before.  We think using chopsticks would be hard!!!  Did you know that the world’s biggest McDonald’s is in China?  Rice is a very popular food in China.  Tea is also a favorite drink in China.

The panda bear lives in China.  This animal is extremely rare!  Pandas eat bamboo.  Pandas are endangered.

To celebrate the New Year, in China people dress in red and do the “Dragon Dance”.  During our in-house field trip we did the “Dragon Dance”.  It was a lot of FUN!!!  On New Year’s people in China pass out red envelopes to give to kids.  The envelopes are filled with money!!!!  During the New Year’s celebration firecrackers go off. 

The Great Wall of China used to be four sections.  The word “great” means BIG!!! 

Coins in China have holes in them!!!  People in China do not carry wallets, so they string their coins together.

We learned a lot about China!!!

Written by: Ms. Cooper's Second Grade Class
Posted: Feb 10, 2013 by Jodi McConkey

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