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A Student's First Book Ever... Bought By A Student At WDES!

Weddington Elementary School has been making a global connection by partnering with a remote village school in Guatemala for the last two years. This school is so remote that it does not even have books or mail service. The WDES second graders decided to start a pen pal program with the school that would allow them to exchange hand delivered letters with Guatemalan students and develop pen pal relationships. They also decided to start a program that would enable them to buy and deliver books to their new Guatemalan pen pals. Thus, "Bottles for Books" was born.

Last year the "Bottles for Books" project raised over $1,100.00 for books. This year the project was jump-started with a presentation on Guatemala in the media center. The second graders were excited to actually see their sister school and many of their pen pals during the presentation. Each second grade student was given a necklace with a bottle on it. On the bottle was the name of their pen pal.

This year it was also decided that all grade levels would participate in "Bottles for Books" in an effort to raise $4,000.00. Each grade level has a huge bottle set up in the media center. Students are encouraged to bring their spare change and drop it in the bottle daily. The classes are competing to see which grade level can fill their bottle first in the race to raise $4,000.00. The winning grade level will get to have breakfast with Mrs. Blanchard (Jessica Blanchard, WDES Principal).

One hundred percent of the money raised will be used to purchase books and educational materials for the impoverished students at the WDES Guatemalan sister school. Once all of the supplies have been purchased, Ms. Deb Stuart will hand deliver them to the school.

This project has been such a great global learning experience for Weddington Elementary School students. They are learning all about Guatemala, developing pen pal relationships, helping a poor, impoverished school and learning how wonderful it feels to be benevolent.

Written by: Kenn Bowers
Posted: Feb 11, 2013 by Kenn Bowers

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