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Bio Club Takes Learning Further

Karishma Desai and Makayla Manino, both freshmen, concentrate on their dissection of a baby shark.

CHS has a newly formed Biology Club already actively engaging in hands-on learning activities. The club is sponsored by Ms. Maya Schultz and Ms. Sarah Keziah. The mission of the Biology Club is to promote interest in biology and to provide students with out of class opportunities to further their understanding of the topic. On Tuesday, February 5, the club met to perform dissections on baby sharks and a cat. Sporting their club shirts with DNA strands and armed with scalpels, gloves, and guide sheets, the students divided into small groups to work. 

“I wanted to do more dissections. I did some dissections in middle school on a fetal pig and crayfish. I really like biology,” said freshman Karishma Desai.

Sophomore Anthony Dabnis said, “I joined the club because I wanted to be more hands-on with biology.”

“I knew it was a new club,” said sophomore Rachel Evans. “Since I enjoyed the biology class so much, I thought the club would be fun.”

“I want to be a doctor so I thought that joining the Biology club would benefit me. Biology is my favorite subject,” said sophomore Makayla Manino.

Any students can still join the club which meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month in room E214. According to Ms. Schultz, the club plans future activities ranging from more dissections to watching movies with biology themes to environmental service projects to Saturday trips to local parks and science centers.

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Feb 12, 2013 by Paula White

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