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Fourth Graders Become Published Authors

Last month Mr.Faulk’s fourth graders became published authors. For six weeks they immersed themselves with informational text. The students read informational text making sure to notice its features.  This was an important part of the process because the goal was for each student to apply what they learned and be able to write their own book. 

Mr. Faulk’s students were asked to choose a subject that they were an expert on and then write an informational book about that topic. The students wrote about a variety of subjects such as Nascar, basketball, dogs, and zebras, just to name a few. It is amazing to see the knowledge they have to share. 

The students were creative in making their books. They used illustrations, photographs and pictures from the internet as well as a variety of charts, graphs and fun facts in their content. At the end of the unit Mr. Faulk’s class had the opportunity to share their books with a first grade class. They really enjoyed sharing their knowledge.  The books are currently displayed in Mr. Faulk’s classroom.  Come check them out. You may be surprised what you can learn from a fourth grader.

Written by: Jordan Faulk
Posted: Feb 12, 2013 by Dana Sullivan

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