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'Singing valentine' makes for memorable Valentine's Day

Forest Hills High School choir director Vicki Hogan, center, says she still hears from people who years ago got one of her singing valentines. It definitely makes a memory not easily forgotten.

Don’t be surprised if this Valentine’s Day, a group of students show up on your doorstep and serenade you with a love song.

Forest Hills High School chorus students have been offering “singing valentines” for about six years. For $25, students travel to workplaces or homes and offer love songs in harmony.

“We sing a song and also present the person with a rose,” said Vicki Hogan, the school’s choir director. “It makes Valentine’s Day so special for everyone.”

The individual sending the valentine can choose one of five different songs: “Stand By Me,” “Smile,” “Just the Way You Are,” “My Girl,” and “Thank You.”

“Some of those are appropriate for romantic situations, while others are appropriate for mothers, fathers, teachers, and such,” Hogan said.

“It’s fun,” said 15-year-old sophomore Ava Horne. “We go to their workplace because their husband or kids sent them a singing valentine. We sing to them and then give them the rose and whatever else their person bought for them. They will just be in tears.”

Those tears don’t go unnoticed by the students, Ava said. “It just makes us want to sing more because they’re so happy about it. We will just be smiling so big.”

Fifty Forest Hills students make up the entire chorus, but only about 25 actually take the songs out into the community. “The others will sing for valentines here at the school during lunchtime,” she said. “We pull the students out of their lunch and into the hallway, and then sing to them and present them with the rose.”

Both Ava and her fellow classmate, Tariah Harrell, also a 15-year-old sophomore, have been part of the singing valentines for the past two years.

“I enjoy seeing the people’s expressions when we sing,” Tariah said. “It’s a lot of work because we have to learn the words to all the songs. I prefer singing acappella because I think it sounds better just hearing our voices blend together.”

Even though the event is a fund-raiser, the $25 mostly covers just the cost of the rose and the bus that transports the students.

The singing valentine is definitely not something easily forgotten. “I just had someone tell me that the person they sent a singing valentine two or three years ago loved it so much, they are still talking about it,” Hogan said. “Everybody really gets a kick out of it.”



Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator
Posted: Feb 13, 2013 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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