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First Graders Celebrate Informational Writing

Last week, our first graders celebrated their informational writing unit by creating a culminating “how to” piece which focused on reading and following directions on how to make an edible snowman. This writing unit allowed the students the opportunity to incorporate strategies they had learned about informational writing and nonfiction reading. At the end of this unit, the students were provided items such as sugar donuts, chocolate chips, fruit roll-ups, cookies and other candy to build their own snowman. The students were excited and used the information they had learned throughout the unit of study, such as bold headings, sequencing words, and captions to make the best and most delicious snowman. After building their snowman, students wrote about what they did and used pictures to illustrate their writing.

Written by: Miriam Keller
Posted: Feb 14, 2013 by Eric Doan

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