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CHS Prepares for 1:1 Laptop Initiative

As part of Union County Public Schools’ goal to provide students with a great learning opportunity and to increase global awareness, promote innovation, and encourage student success, all students at Cuthbertson High School will be issued a laptop that will be used daily during school. Because these laptops are property of Union County Public Schools, students will be able to connect these devices to our wireless network to use daily in class. Teachers, who have been preparing for this 1:1 initiative for the past year by participating in professional development, utilizing Google Docs with their classes, and developing technology-rich lessons that will enhance their instruction in the classroom, are excited to integrate technology daily in their lesson plans.

Parents/guardians must do the following before a laptop can be issued: 1) View a brief video about the equipment. This is available online under the “Technology” link and 2) Submit the signed “Chromebook Student/Parent Agreement” form to Mrs. Kim Helms in the front office.

Submitting the form prior to the beginning of school will ensure your child receives a laptop during the first week of school. Because students will be utilizing these devices in their classes, we would encourage parents/guardians to submit the form as soon as possible.

In addition, the Union County School Board approved the $25 annual user fee per student for technology use to assist in maintaining and expanding current technology services. Possible costs during the school year include replacement power adapters and cords, replacement computer batteries, repairs, and loaner machines. Laptop bags will not be distributed with the device. Instead, students will be responsible for transporting the laptop to and from school in a bag, case, or sleeve that will provide protection. The laptops are 12" and the device should be compatible with any case designed for that size laptop. You can pay this fee when you submit your signed form.

As parents and students return to Cuthbertson, there will inevitably be questions related to the implementation of the 1:1 Laptop Initiative. To help answer some of these questions, Union County Public Schools has placed a Technology link in the navigation bar of our school website that will provide resources related to the laptops. In addition, Cuthbertson High School’s full-time computer technician, Kendra Raynor, is available daily during scheduled office hours to assist students with technical issues or hardware repairs. Cuthbertson High School also has an Instructional Technology Facilitator, Jan Anderson, on campus three days each week to assist teachers and students with the utilization of the laptop for instruction. If you have any other questions, please contact Ms. Stott, Assistant Principal, at 704-296-0105.

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Aug 27, 2013 by Paula White

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