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Marshville Math Workshop

Number line on bookcases was utilized by teachers in the math workshop.

 Beginning Aug. 5th thru Aug. 8th, two thirds of Marshville’s teachers from grades K-5 and some special area staff members took part in a three and a half day Math Workshop led by Jeanette Cox. This math training was voluntary. The high staff participation rate indicated the teachers’ eagerness to learn new strategies and practices to enhance classroom math instruction by engaging their students in problem solving and mathematical thinking. Each day focused on a specific math topic such as: the importance of the 8 Mathematical Practices, Model Drawings for problem solving, technology and how to facilitate classroom math discussions. As a result of the facilitator’s work with Eric Jensen in early July, techniques for increasing students’ working memory were incorporated throughout the session. Working memory is the number one indicator of mathematical success in children. Becky Phifer, 4th grade teacher, has this to say about the workshop, “The math workshop was a good mix of new and old information. It brought back things I had heard over the years to the forefront of my mind. Mrs. Cox kept us up, moving and chatting to help wake up our working memory.”

In all, this experience highlights the dedication of Marshville teachers to quality instruction through professional learning. Three cheers to all who attended some part or all of this experience.

Written by: Jeanette Cox
Posted: Aug 27, 2013 by Kerri Edwards

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