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A Successful Start!

Madison Cooper, BreeLee Elliotte, and Sean Guistiniani wait with expectantly for school to begin.

As the buses roll you can feel the excitement of the first day of school. Students, parents, and teachers everywhere are gearing up for an exciting year. Parents made sure students returned to school by either bus or car sending them off with the thrill of a new year and a little sadness that the summer has ended. Students arrive equipped for a great first day with book bags, pencils, and all the supplies that mark the start of school. Teachers meet each student with a smile and the promise of a successful year.

Our first day was a stellar success! Teachers and administrators helped guide students to the right classrooms. Once in class the work began, and our students kept their enthusiasm. Eighth grader Jessica Benkert said, "The best part of being back at school is reunting with old friends and meeting new people."

Teachers helped students understand the layout of the school by providing tours of all the important places, such as the cafeteria, main office, learning cottages, and of course, the activity time areas.  

One important part of being a middle school student is learning the culture of the school. Administrators, teachers, and staff work with students to help them understand the expectations in the school and in each classroom. We promote a safe environment that is challenging academically. As we move forward, students know what is important to the citizens of Porter Ridge - "where every student matters, learning is required, and failure is not an option.

Written by: Christine Courtney
Posted: Aug 27, 2013 by Christine Courtney

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