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2013-2014 School Year in with excitement, challenge

Juniors participating in orientation, collecting parking passes and greeting friends.

 Good Evening Mavericks and Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year! This is Mrs. Justice, Assistant Principal of Marvin Ridge High School, with your first official Maverick Message and newsletter attached (Maverick Message Volume 7, Issue 2).

Our back to school time this year has been one of both excitement and challenge. Our orientations were very successful, and our athletic teams have started their seasons off strongly. However, recent technology issues within UCPS have created some struggles for our teachers and counselors. For you as parents, you are probably missing the ready information of our website! It is the hope of the district to have all systems back online quickly. Email is now functioning!

Fortunately, we were able to access the student information database, PowerSchool, and our counselors and office staff worked all weekend to complete schedule change requests. All students will report to homeroom at 7:50 tomorrow morning and will receive a copy of his or her current schedule. This is the schedule the student must follow.

Students will also receive packets of information from their homeroom teachers, with many forms and documents for you to share as a family. Please pay close attention to all, and sign/return what needs to come back with your student. One of the most important documents you will receive is the ChromeBook permission form. It is an orange-pastel color. Please read the information included on the form and in the Maverick Message newsletter so that your student has timely access to this exciting UCPS technology and academic initiative.

The administration and teachers of Marvin Ridge are extremely enthusiastic about this upcoming school year. Students will have many great opportunities, and we all want this to be the best Maverick year yet! Please be sure to review the UCPS Student Handbook currently available on the temporary website and our MRHS Student Handbook when our website comes back online soon. Students will review these documents in classrooms and class meetings this week. Remember that the tardy bell rings at 8:00 AM! As always, we are ONE TEAM ON ONE MISSION – GO MAVERICKS!

Written by: Beth Hamilton
Posted: Aug 27, 2013 by Beth Hamilton

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