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UCPS retirees have total of 1,774 years of service

Sherry Brantley, a guidance counselor at her Forest Hills High School, retired from the Union County Public Schools after 35 years of service.

 Ninety-nine educators, with 1,774 combined years of experience, retired from Union County Public Schools this year.

They were honored recently at a luncheon held in their honor at the Union County Agriculture Extension Service.

Sherry Brantley, a guidance counselor at Forest Hills High School, was recognized for having the most years with the school system, retiring after 35 years of service. The average years of service was 18 years.

UCPS Chief Communications Officer Rob Jackson spoke to the retirees about the changes in education over the years.

“It’s incredible when you think about the changes that education has seen over the past 35 years,” he said. “But there is one thing that hasn’t changed. That’s the impact you have had on the students.”

Superintendent Dr. Mary Ellis said seeing all those who were retiring was bittersweet.

“So many good things have come out of your service,” she said. “So many positive things have come from your influence on your students. I remember how my teachers made me feel important. I thank you for teaching my children and all the children whose lives you’ve touched.”

Students Jessie Sperry and Morgan Miller, both students at Central Academy of Technology and Arts, performed “For Good,” from the Broadway musical “Wicked.”

Union County Retired School Personnel co-presidents Leona Brewer and Wanda Stegall, and Emma Barnes, spoke on the benefits of joining their organization.

Below is a complete list of the UCPS employees who retired between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013.

Sandy Allison, Teacher, 27 years
Rudolph Arthurton, Bus Driver, 6 years
Janette Austin, Teacher, 19.5 years
Linda Austin, Teacher Asst., 15 years
Sheila Austin, CN Asst., 9.5 years
Ana Ayala, Teacher Asst., 5.5 years
Jannie Bankston, Principal, 25.5 years
Karen Belk, Teacher, 33.5 years
Wanda Beshears, Teacher Asst., 24 years
Sherry Brantley, Guidance Counselor, 35 years
Robert Bresnahan, Bus Driver, 6.5 years
Delores Broome, Bus Driver, 9 years
Michael Buffalo, Bus Driver, 10.5 years
Beverly Burton, Teacher, 28 years
Karen Carter, Bookkeeper, 18.5 years
Katherine Carter, Teacher, 5 years
Marjorie Cole, Teacher, 12 years
Charles Connelley, Teacher, 30 years
Peter Conrad, Teacher, 28 years
Anita Corn, Teacher, 13 years
Eula Crowder, Bus Monitor, 7 years
James Crowder, Teacher, 29 years
Janice Deane, Teacher Asst., 27 years
Margaret Deese, CN Asst., 7 years
Joyce Durham, Teacher, 8.5 years
Donna Edwards, Teacher, 30 years
Joan Eubanks, Teacher, 11 years
Trent Faulkner, Teacher, 29 years
Regina Ferguson, Teacher Asst., 8 years
Arthelia Fleming, Teacher Asst., 24.5 yrs.
Velma Frazier, Bus Driver, 6 years
Fred Gerow, HVAC Technician, 7.5 years
Nancy Glenham, Teacher, 26.5 years
Deborah Griffin, Guidance Counselor, 19.5 yrs
Valerie Gromlovits, Teacher Asst., 9.5 years
Mary Hardy, Bus Driver, 23.5 years
Kathy Harris, Student Support Counselor, 29 yrs.
James Hartis, Cost Clerk, 25 years
Debra Hatch, Teacher, 24.5 years
Patricia Haymaker, CN Asst., 13 years
Elizabeth Helms, Bus Driver, 17 years
Sheila Helms, Teacher Asst., 24.5 years
Phyllis Hilton, CN Asst., 5 years
William Hinson, Mechanic, 29 years
Barbara Holder, Teacher Asst., 26 years
Jan Hollis, Principal, 25.5 years
Jean Horne, CN Manager, 31.5 years
Bobbie Howie, CN Asst., 31 years
Steven Kapka, Teacher, 6 years
Catherine Kennedy, Teacher, 11 years
Susan Kiker, Teacher Asst., 32.5 years
Margaret Knotts, Custodian, 8 years
Janet Mackey, Media Specialist, 30 years
Martha Mackey, Teacher Asst., 14 years
Sheri Major, Nurse, 12 years
Rebecca Manning, Guidance Counselor, 28 yrs.
Leigh Mansell, Teacher, 10 years
Annette Martin, Teacher, 25 years
Jayne McDuffie, Teacher, 25 years
Marian McGee, Teacher, 8 years
Dr. Paula McGuire, Teacher, 7 years
Susan Mead, Teacher, 25.5 years
Lynne Molina, Teacher, 5 years
Joyce Moseff, Teacher, 13 years
Naila Muffley, Teacher, 10 years
Janice Nash, Early Learning Specialist, 17.5 yrs.
Barbara Oliver, Teacher, 25 years
Wanda Parks, Teacher, 18.5 years
Carol Patterson, Teacher, 22.5 years
Margo Patton, Teacher Asst., 23 years
Brenda Piette, Teacher, 11 years
William Potter, Career Dev. Coord., 33.5 years
Mildred Preslar, Bus Driver, 13.5 years
Danny Rogers, Attendance Aide, 22.5 years
Rex Roll, Bus Driver, 6.5 years
Karen Rosenbrock, Teacher, 19.5 years
Clara Schweinsberger, Media Asst., 16 years
Joan Sebastian, Teacher Asst., 12.5 years
Teresa Secrest, NC Wise Data Mgr., 25 years
Mary Sellers, Teacher, 29.5 years
Ann Skeens, HVAC Technician, 11 years
Marcia Smith, Teacher, 17.5 years
Cheryl Spayd, CN Asst., 10.5 years
Barbara Stafford, Teacher, 29.5 years
Ann Stone, Teacher, 23 years
Phyllis Taylor, Teacher Asst., 22 years
Bernice Thompson, Bus Driver, 8 years
Patricia Tisdale, Teacher, 18.5 years
Pat Tompkins, Jr., Teacher, 19.5 years
Diane Tucker, Teacher, 7.5 years
Jane Tucker, Teacher, 35 years
Jo Tucker, Bookkeeper, 20 years
Dorothy Tyndale, CNA/Bus Monitor, 10 years
Bobby Tyson, HVAC Technician, 10 years
Devraj Vaghela, Painter, 6.5 years
Robert Vincent, Teacher, 12 years
Allene Walker, Custodian, 9.5 years
Mary Watson, Bus Driver, 8 years
Susan Wexler, Teacher, 14 years

Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator
Posted: Aug 28, 2013 by Debra Bledsoe

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