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Shiloh's 3rd Annual EC Parent Awareness Night

Our Exceptional Children’s Department hosted their third annual informational session.

Our Exceptional Children’s Department was proud to host their third annual informational session for any interested Shiloh parents on August 15. During this session, members of our EC team each took turns presenting information to those in attendance to help explain what they do each day. For example, the following topics were each addressed during the meeting: the role of our Intervention Team, the EC referral process, testing results meetings and how/when IEPs are written, the role of the School Psychologist, the role of the Speech/Language Pathologist, the role of the Occupational Therapist, EC Preschool information, and information about the 504 team.

The EC team met frequently before this event to plan and ultimately create a very useful and detailed PowerPoint presentation for parents. Their hard work and dedication to Shiloh’s families certainly paid off. As Jessika Guzman, Shiloh’s SLP, stated: “This was a great way for us to build positive relationships with the school community.” A listing of additional resources for parents will be posted on the Shiloh website.

The EC team hopes to continue their on-going tradition of parent informational sessions in the coming years. In the meantime, parents who have any questions about our EC Department are welcome to call the school with their questions at 704-296-3035.

Shiloh’s EC staff who presented at the meeting were Mrs. Hasty, Mrs. Stratton, Mrs. Guzman, Mrs. Rampey, and Mrs. McGinniss. Also, Mr. Spencer and Mrs. Bolton were present as well. In addition to our Shiloh parents, we’d like to recognize and thank UCPS Assistant Director for Exceptional Children Mrs. Janie Webb for attending.

Written by: Scott Spencer, Principal
Posted: Aug 30, 2013 by Mark Greene

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