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AIG Summer Reading Project

 Students were asked to read any book that was on their reading level. They were then to pick a favorite scene from the book and recreate that scene with themselves as the main character in that scene. They then captured that scene in a photograph and included the cover of the book in the photo. Finally, they added a brief description of the scene. Upon returning to school, they shared their project with classmates.

Students were excited to not only read books but also capture a scene in a photograph. Elijah in Fifth Grader in Ms. Tyson's class said "It felt good to share my favorite part with someone". Selah, a Fifth grader in Mr. Haas's class shared "The picture became a family event, my mom went picture crazy!". Sydney in Mrs. Vaughan's class "My dad was so excited it was ridiculous! I was reading a long, tough book, knowing I had a picture to take encouraged me to read more".

The students are ready for another great year in AIG!  

Written by: Karen Holder and Heather Shulman
Posted: Sep 03, 2013 by Heather Shulman

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