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Forensics Class Brings CSI to Life

Students work together to analyze clues in a crime scene as part of their Forensic Science class. Shown are Bridget Nicolosi, 11th, Jovanny Pedraza, 12th, Ian McDonnell, 11th, Cain Poling, 12th, and Dana Raimondo, 11th.

Students in Mrs. Maya Schultz’ Forensic Science class participated in real-life crime scene investigation as they inspected a murder crime scene in the school Media Center! The staged crime scene activity is an annual event in the Forensics class. Students witnessed a dead body, overturned chairs, a spilled purse, bullet casings, a cup with lipstick, and various other clues to the crime. Working in small groups, they entered the crime scene, studied it, took notes and measurements, and made sketches. Students were to determine a motive and report their findings.

"As an introduction to forensic science and crime scene processing, students were asked to create a scale drawing of a crime that allegedly took place at Cuthbertson High School. They looked for evidence in the room and came up with a likely scenario leading up the events of the crime. Students also needed to explain what evidence would be sent to the crime lab for processing and how they would collect that evidence. Later in the semester, students will learn how different items are analyzed scientifically, and how those items can divulge information when a suspect or victim may not be there to speak,” said Mrs. Schultz.
“I want to work in this field,” said junior Dana Raimondo, “so this is getting a feel for what I would really be doing.”

Junior Bridget Nicolosi said, “We get to apply what we are learning to a real life situation.”

“It’s a lot more hands-on than other classes. We have to solve mysteries!” said junior Ian McDonnell.

If you want to know “whodunit” be sure and check in with Mrs. Schultz’ class in a few days!

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Sep 09, 2013 by Paula White

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