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Fifth Grade Welcomes a New Year

  A new year has started and fifth graders are excited. This is their year to shine. They have been waiting for this year for a long time. “It feels cool being the oldest and powerful (in a good way).” said Katlyn Mangaro. “We can be positive role models to all the other kids!”
Fifth grade at Union Elementary is special. Students get to do many things other grades cannot. “They broadcast team will be so fun.” Katlyn stated. The broadcast team will broadcast morning announcements, school menus, local weather and school events and awards to classes throughout the whole school. They will also research global topics to share too.
Fifth grade has the job of collecting recycled materials throughout the school. Kayden Davis is on the team already and she was very excited that their team collected 29 pounds of paper to be recycled this week. The flag is put up and retired each afternoon by the fifth grade flag team. According to another student, tending the flag is an honor and an act of good citizenship. “It makes me proud to honor our troops.“ he said. Many students sign up for band, learning how to play the flute or trombone that gets them ready for band in middle school and marching band Forest Hills High School. Katlyn was very excited to play the flute this year with many of her other classmates.
The fifth grade AIG students visit Barrier Island overnight and have looked forward to the trip for a long time. Kayden exclaims, “AIG prepares you for higher learning. I love it!“ Fifth graders this year (along with fourth and third) will be using their own laptops throughout the day. “Technology is very useful,” said a student. “It helps you gain knowledge in a fun way.” “I love using the Promethean board to learn lessons!” added Kayden.
Fifth grade has a strong academic calendar with three end of grade tests, math, reading and science, at the end of the year. “I enjoy doing science experiments.” said one student. All three students agreed technology will help them understand science better. “I can’t wait to see what we learn in science.” added the student. All three students agreed, fifth grade will be the BEST year EVER!



Written by: Kayden Davis, Katlyn Mangaro, and Mrs. Schacht (5th grade teacher)
Posted: Sep 09, 2013 by Jennifer Williams

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