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Mayor Lynda Paxton visits Stallings Elementary

Second grade students were “called to order” by the Mayor of Stallings, Lynda Paxton, during a mock town council meeting last week at Stallings Elementary.

Stallings Mayor Lynda Paxton recently visited with our second grade students to share how local government works. Students were led through a simulated town council meeting and the mayor brought her gavel to call the town council meeting to order! Students were deemed the “council members", were presented with a town issue, and were divided into groups that were either “for” or “opposed” to the issue. Students had the opportunity to voice their opinions and arguments on whether or not pet chickens should be allowed in our Stallings neighborhoods. Some students argued that having pet chickens in neighborhoods could be noisy and smelly. Others argued that allowing pet chickens could save families grocery money and could help them to improve their diet by having fresh eggs more readily available. Members of both sides of the argument were taught to stand up to be recognized and to address the council appropriately. In the end, the town council voted and made a motion to allow pet chickens in certain areas of the town. Mayor Paxton shared with students that the dilemma involving the pet chickens was an actual town issue that had been brought to a Stallings Town Council meeting last year by a group of elementary students. Thanks to Mayor Paxton, our second graders learned firsthand about our local government leaders, their roles in our community, how a town council operates, and the importance of being responsible community citizens!

Written by: Laura Gaddy
Posted: Sep 12, 2013 by Laura Gaddy

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