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Mayor Rick Becker visits WUES 2nd graders

Mineral Springs Mayor, Rick Becker, and WUES 2nd grade teachers.
For the past two weeks, our second graders have been learning about local government.  They have been studying such vocabulary words as community, council, election, and mayor. To cap off the unit we arranged for a special guest visitor- the mayor of Mineral Springs! Rick Becker visited and talked a little bit about his job duties as mayor. 
The children were very surprised to learn that he does not always have the final say-the council has to approve his ideas; “My job is to come up with ideas. But,“ he said with a grin, “Let’s say I wanted to paint the town hall purple. The council would definitely tell me no!”

After this, it was time for a short Q & A. One student inquired about downtown Mineral Springs.  Mayor Becker stated that he was currently working to improve the sewer system in that area so merchants could open businesses again. Another student asked, “Do you like being mayor?” Mr. Becker responded by explaining that his favorite part was helping people, but his least favorite part was when folks disagreed with his choices.

Then it was time for one final surprise. Mayor Becker drives a motorcycle! The children ventured outside to watch the Mayor prepare to leave on his bike. One student was overheard whispering to another, “Do you think he’ll pop a wheelie?!”  Well, he didn’t pop a wheelie, but he did pose for a few pictures! As his visit came to a close, the children were encouraged to cheer as he drove away on his motorcycle.

He may not have popped a wheelie that day, but he certainly left tire tracks all over our students’ hearts. Thank you Mayor Becker!



Written by: Marisa Phillips, 2nd Grade Teacher
Posted: Sep 16, 2013 by Carrie Johnson

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