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Nurse teaches tobacco avoidance

heather Portraro, RN speaks to the Health education classes.

 Heather Portaro is a Community Outreach Nurse for Carolinas Healthcare System's Levine Cancer Institute and a School Nurse/Health Educator for Union County Public Schools. Throughout the year she travels around the county to teach our middle school students about the long-term effects of smoking on the respiratory system, lung cancer prevention, and the importance of being an advocate for tobacco avoidance in the community. After educating each class, she encourages the students to each sign behavior contracts making personal commitments to never use tobacco. Studies have shown that if you can prevent smoking in the teenage years most will never start using tobacco. Levine Cancer Institute recognizes the importance of this statistic and is dedicated to reducing the prevalence of lung cancer in the Carolinas.

Written by: Heather Portraro
Posted: Sep 16, 2013 by Brita Mann

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