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An Exciting Start to Third Grade!

Welcome to THIRD GRADE! Mrs. McClain’s students are so excited about third grade!! When sharing the excitement, Tyveon commented, "I am excited about hard things like cursive and multiplication!” Alex is ecstatic about getting his own laptop! Mrs. McClain is excited because she has such a sweet class that is excited about learning!
The students will be receiving their own laptop to enhance learning! The possibilities are endless! The internet alone allows each student to become connected with the world! Xiomara commented, “We can to that online map… Google Earth!” Students can visit any place in the world and make a stronger connection to the places they visit! Many student comments included the availability of math games to strengthen learning new math concepts and practice previously-studied math concepts.
The meaning of “testing” is also amplified in third grade! Mrs. McClain’s class completed the Beginning of Grade (BOG) test a week ago! This was quite a challenge for all students. The class used the complete 180 minutes to finish the test! Mrs. McClain loved the way most students were taking their time in order to do their best! Some students have already set goals for the End of Grade Test. Katelynn wants to take her time and really get into the problems. Colton is planning to really study hard this year. Rachel is planning to reread questions and take her time! Cameron advised, “Think before you write!” Alex will continue to reread!!! Mrs. McClain is looking forward to awesome results throughout the school year and at the end of the school year!

Written by: Dolores McClain, 3rd Grade Teacher
Posted: Sep 17, 2013 by Jennifer Williams

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